Tech Recruiter Analyst

We believe that technology is transforming the world positively. We are democratizing access to products and services before only possible to a handful of people. All main indicators of well-being have improved in the last decades.

But still, 71% of all Tech Projects fail. We have come this far despite this inefficiency, so our question is: how much further can we go if we address this? That is why It is now time to transform how technology is made. The sector enabler of transformations now needs to itself be transformed.

For enterprise companies, BossaBox is an end-to-end platform to assemble and manage top-class tech and remote teams. We do this by connecting companies that want to deploy their digital initiatives in a more agile way to top-class remote squads, composed of Product Managers, Designers, Software Engineers, QAs and DevOps.

The Challenge

The objective of the Tech Recruiter at BossaBox is to identify incredible people in our prolancer base who are ready to be allocated in our remote squads, and will join the gig and live their passion at BossaBox.

Job requirements

Key responsibilities:

  • Playing the role in planning and delivering allocation process;
  • Identifying projects challenges and forming the best strategy to form a squad;
  • Interviewing, reviewing and screening aspiring Prolancers that want to join in our projects;
  • Interact with internal stakeholders to assure agility in the allocation process (take information from sales chapter, orchestrate valuation with tech team, intract with delivery managers to identify allocation strategy, etc.);
  • Responsible for monitoring conversions, speed, dropout, for each allocation process;
  • Doccument information and care about candidate information management;
  • Propose improvement opportunities in our process;
  • Propose improvement opportunities for our platform to achieve more efficiency and efficacy;
  • Profound knowledge of screening process
  • Have experience in hiring technical profiles as Software Engineering, DevOps;
  • Accurate, detail-oriented, and organized;
  • Think analytically and systematically;
  • Goal oriented;
  • Manage multiple stakeholders;
  • Processes-driven;
  • A real hustler.

BossaBox is an equal opportunity employer and hires qualified individuals regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, age or disability.

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