Platform Software Engineer


The position

Delivering health through technology is not a simple or obvious challenge, it involves developing a complex system that integrates the member, the center of our healthcare system, with his health team, specialists, hospitals and laboratories, in a very coordinated effort. We are growing our engineering team to support this challenge and we need a robust platform, where we host and evolve our products. This platform should be productive and it should solve aspects such as privacy, security and so on by design. As a Platform Software Engineer, you will be responsible for developing and delivering that platform in collaboration with our engineering team.

Here you are going to be responsible for

  • Develop and maintain our shared backend services like authentication, file upload, data access and so on
  • Understand and foresee our system requirements, specially for aspects like security, scalability and privacy
  • Propose and implement changes to our architecture that impact all teams
  • Work closely with our software development team in order to identify bottlenecks and help remove them
  • Work closely with our Site Reliability Team in order to evolve our architecture to better support our teams

Your routine

  • Develop new features and fix bugs in our platform
  • Keep our source organized in our git repository
  • Collaborate in building and enforcing the roadmap
  • Manage and prioritize your tasks efficiently
  • Collaborate with architecture and code design decisions

Our current technology

  • AWS Cloud based development:
    • Beanstalk/EKS
    • SNS/Kafka
    • Route53
    • Jenkins/Terraform/Atlantis
  • Kotlin in backend
  • Flutter / Native for mobile
  • Vue.js / Javascript for frontend

Our expectations of a strong candidate

  • Has experience in defining a company wide architecture
  • Has experience building a product from the ground up, doing the whole thing from Infrastructure to user-facing applications development
  • Has experience with security and privacy requirements


We believe diversity makes a better world. It wouldn’t be different at Alice. That’s why we encourage people with different stories and backgrounds to apply to our positions.

But in order to make it right and create a really diverse environment, we still have a lot to learn. And you can help us. How? Answering the questions below in your application.

It’s ok if you don’t feel comfortable to answer it. This survey is voluntary and it will help us to have metrics so we can make Alice a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

One of our virtues is complete transparency, so let’s ensure things are crystal clear here:

  1. If you’re not part of any diversity group, your choices of answer (or lack of), WON’T affect the selection process.
  2. If you ARE part of a diversity group, answering this survey is a faster way for us to reach you, giving us the opportunity to prioritize according to the position.

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