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CyberSecurity Intelligence Lead

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The Cybersecurity Intelligence Lead at A5 Labs will champion the safeguarding of our gaming platform against cyber threats. This role is responsible for the strategic oversight and implementation of advanced cybersecurity measures, including the management of tools like Appdome and GeoComply, to detect and mitigate threats such as bots, VPN misuse, and other malicious activities. This position plays a critical role in maintaining the integrity and security of our digital operations within the iGaming industry.


• Oversee the deployment and management of cybersecurity tools like Appdome and GeoComply.

• Lead initiatives to identify and counteract automated bot activities and unauthorized VPN usage.

• Develop and implement robust cybersecurity strategies to prevent the use of malicious tools.

• Collaborate with senior engineers and data specialists to enhance security protocols.

• Maintain awareness of industry trends and advancements in cybersecurity technology.


• Proficient in Cybersecurity tools and platforms, especially those relevant to iGaming such as Appdome and GeoComply.

• Strong understanding of bot detection techniques and the mechanisms behind VPN and anonymity services.

• Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities to identify and mitigate cyber threats.

• Ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams including data analysts, engineers, and senior management.

• Strong communication skills to effectively report on security statuses and educate team members on security best practices.


• Experience in the iGaming industry or in a similar online entertainment platform.

• Knowledge of regulatory compliance and data protection laws relevant to cybersecurity in global markets.

• Proficiency in incident response and handling of security breaches.

• Experience with AI and machine learning tools for predictive threat analysis.

• Leadership experience with the ability to mentor and develop junior cybersecurity talent.

Qualifications:• Bachelors• Masters, desirable 

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