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Senior PHP Developer - Remote

Join OneContact as a Senior PHP Developer (Remote). Use your PHP expertise to develop scalable web applications in a collaborative, remote environment. Enhance our dynamic team and drive impactful digital solutions.

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Roles and Responsibilities

  • Write PHP code following best practices and standards, guided by our Principal Engineer and Product Architect.
  • Collaborate in building both back-end and front-end code for a new platform version, ensuring it meets scalability, maintainability, and industry standards.
  • Utilize JavaScript and SCSS for user interfaces and interactivity.
  • Refactor PHP backend of existing services and build UI components as needed.
  • Work on integrating our platform with over 300 third-party services to manage orders, shipments, and product information.
  • Identify and solve bottlenecks in code, infrastructure, and storage.
  • Implement and maintain appropriate libraries without being confined to a specific PHP framework.
  • Engage in code reviews, ensuring features and bug fixes meet specifications and project standards.
  • Participate in collective decision-making processes and share knowledge and experience with the team.

Job Requirements

  • 5+ years of experience in PHP programming (bonus for legacy PHP experience).
  • Fluent in English, both spoken and written.
  • Capable of debugging and troubleshooting complex systems.
  • Solid understanding of programming paradigms.
  • Preffered: Experience with ElasticSearch, SQS, Docker, Asynchronous programming in PHP, and interacting with third-party APIs.
  • Experience with PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL, and JavaScript in web applications.
  • Familiar with feature branches, squashing commits, and rebasing with the main branch.
  • Understanding of SOLID principles and design patterns.
  • Enthusiastic about learning and implementing new technologies and programming languages.
  • Skilled in identifying bottlenecks in code, infrastructure, and storage.
  • Versatile with PHP frameworks and libraries, not limited to a specific one (e.g., Laravel, Symfony).
  • Proficient in Git collaboration.

What We Offer

  • 100% Remote Work
  • Paid Overtime as needed
  • Opportunity To Learn & Develop New Skills
  • An Open & Collaborative Work Environment
  • Generous Compensation based on Industry Standards + Benefits
  • Working Hours - 9am - 5pm EST

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