Supporting women through all of life’s stages
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A new global women’s healthcare company that provides innovative, effective and safe solutions that care for and support women at every stage of their life. Our aim is to become a lifetime partner for women and for the healthcare professionals who treat them.

Theramex has been a recognised brand for many decades – but since the purchase of Teva Pharmaceuticals’​ (Teva) Women’s health division in February 2018, Theramex has been re-born as a separate, privately-held company dedicated to Women’s Health.

Theramex currently operates in 50 countries, across 5 continents. Our team is made up of over 250 passionate and multi-disciplinary medical professionals, supported by a network of distributors.

Our established product portfolio offers a wide range of clinically proven prescription products in 4 clinical areas:

– Contraception – Fertility – Menopause – Osteoporosis.

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Supporting women through all of life’s stages

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