Juntos para reinventar.
Detalhes da Empresa

Laborit is a tech startup focused on making people’s routine easier and worthier. We do so through innovative, sustainable and positive thinking of products that embrace the genuine needs of each person and organization.

We want to make the world a more positive place, connect people and use technology for the right purposes.
We love solving complex problems using a human-centered scientific approach and our boldness to overcome barriers.
A real change is only achieved when there is constructive dialogue, and deep understanding of which problem we are trying to solve. This is what we believe in!

We deliberately foster remote working, self management and social and emotional wellness of every collaborator in our team in order to create inspiring work.

Our purpose is getting people united carefully taking into account fairness, gender equality, celerity, cultural diversity and social inclusion.
This is how we support and develop our community; diversity enriches and care empowers.

We have rebuilt the way people work to be warm, inspirational and to bring back individual results. We are all together.

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Juntos para reinventar.

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