22 years automating foreign trade
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e.Mix has been in the software development market for more than 22 years. It’s a company with innovative solutions in technology to increase concrete results in a short and medium term and create distinguishing features for its clients. Our services annually manage millions of companies operations from the most different activities and sizes

Foco “Pessoas conectadas que buscam soluções inovadoras em tecnologia com resultados excelentes, valorizando a relação humana, verdadeira e duradoura”​

Mission: Contributing to success through innovative solutions, changing lives and strengthening relationships

  • FollowNet

FollowNet can fully control foreign trade processes with just a few clicks from the user and remotely. There is also the possibility of sending diversion alerts via TEXT message.

  • DemurrageNet

DemurrageNet is the service that manages in a customized way all the subjects related to the control of containers, avoiding losses in the deadlines and charges. With it you can have the integration of all internal systems, from the operational to the financial.

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22 years automating foreign trade

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