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Want to be a competitive Data Scientist? We can make you one.  Data Science Dojo is an e-learning company that is redefining the data science education landscape with a simple-to-understand, digestible, and not to brag ---- engaging curriculum. 

We believe that data science is for everyone. So, we invest our time in simplifying and educating data science and machine learning concepts that our attendees can actually apply to generate business value in their respective job functions.  

Our love of data science is infectious. We have upskilled more than 10,000+ graduates in over 2,500 companies. Our footprint spans over 150 countries. We offer training in different formats: in-person, virtual live instructor-led, and self-paced training for both individuals and corporates.  

Our tiger team of industry experts deliver the curriculum that is current, and competitive.  Our core values of curiosity, purpose, and excellence-seeking mentality are empowering business leaders to make an impact using data every day. 


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